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  Human, having thought, can create the world, change the world, and make himself great.
  Corporation, having spirit, can be more competitive in competition.
  Yayou-ese roots in the faith of Yayou staffs;
  Yayou-ese grows up from the soil of Yayou culture;
  Yayou-ese picks up fruit of Yayou spirit.
  Yayou becomes more united and more solid for owning “Yayou Spirit”. Back to then when created venture, we developed from the hired small plant, conducting mill assembly, to nearly 10,000 m2 workplace now; products developed from single to series.
  For now, we are establishing multi-functional combination with R&D, design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance. All of these are from progressing and hardworking by corporate management.
  Now, we all united into one heart and one soul, with invincible faith, make solid stride, move forward bravely.
  Now, Yayou products are entering to dozens of provinces and cities across China, especially the new products shown in Shanghai fair recently are impressed among the industry alike. A speed of new product development is on the top of industry; a speed was made by our staffs who are driven under corporate spirit culture. We are not satisfied to pause off when our products are recognized by people again and again.
  All in all, we will walk along the road more silently, to cultivate laboriously, move toward new triumph step by step.
  In order to adapt competition abroad and at home, uplift corporate comprehensive development, a new reform in Yayou starts now, each one in company is full of aspiration and morale. Review back the past, look forward to future, our goal is bound to achieve. This reform is to found two systems: one is to build cultural system with Yayou spirit. The red line should through all functional departments (produce, supply, sale, personnel, finance and material) and all staffs. Build up a platform and space on the whole for every department and staff to play their role and develop themselves, leading them to professionalism gradually. Let all staffs become company host, have all staffs recognize that, “gold would flash anywhere”, to create a united and strong team. The other is to establish a perfect quality control system – ISO, so that corporate management can pop up to a new stage, and corporate management and all staffs can realize that reform is promotion. You would be eliminated if you don’t move forward, can’t catch up with Yayou. All people in Yayou must realize this point, keeping up with Yayou has become a co-objective for all staffs for self-promotion.
  Now, a huge board was hanged outside our office building, with 16 Chinese words on it, Unite to venture, Human First, Business Credit, and Win by Quality, which are our corporate spirit, time is over, our spirit is never over, no matter how strong we will be.
  We need to build an outstanding team, disciplinary, solid and uniform, adopt humanitarian management idea, on a credit base, incite their positivity, creativity and activity, having Yayou a career space to create and develop, we devote to build an open, fair and justice working environment, pursue excellence with strict, intensive and practical attitude, do the best, with tough perseverance, sober thought, new idea of self-center, and expansive courage to brave forward, Yayou keeps on becoming strong and rich, that is our explanation about the entire corporate culture. In order to pass our idea and spirit on to staffs in a better way, each department has its own organization to conduct train, staffs rush to be in our corporate cultural establishment
   Unite to venture, human first, pursue of excellence, create Yayou-ese culture. Only if you want to be talent, only if you have goal, you will have space to develop in Yayou team, realizing your personal value as well as corporate increase, trust us, our staff working in Yayou will be more meaningful, living your life in Yayou will be more valuable.
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